Sunny Spot

So you’ve got yourself a weekend morning. Sure, you could kick back, relax, or, dare I say it, go for stroll, or you can spare us of all that…please. If you’re an adult, there is something far more on your mind and it is become the only way society will accept you enjoying a daytime buzz. The not-so-cleverly named, yet tantalizingly important, Brunch, which used to be when we all reluctantly had to see our grandparents and eat quiche, has positively evolved into a boozy interpretation of what was once just a late breakfast. All else aside, we think we have found the best place for said meal & its on the westside. Sunny Spot finds itself where Washington and Abbot Kinney meet. Not only do they have the vibes of class & taste, the caribbean flavors that inhabit their menu will do wonders for even the worst of hangovers, hence, the ‘Hangover Plate.’ Food is great, trust us we know, but we think their best asset (and the asset of most brunches in our opinion) is summed up with one word - bottomless. No, friend, not just mimosas, feel free to mix and match their large mimosas, bloody marys, or even the sweet, yet invitingly stiff rum punches…in other words, we took Uber home. Thanks for a great morning, Sunny Spot - see you this weekend.

Value: 4.5

Service: 4.2

Quality of Food: 3.5

Drink Selection: 4.8

Atmosphere: 4.5

Hearsay|LA: 4.3

Frame 128 - Glendale

Ladies & gentlemen, we have a special treat for you this day. It was a very special treat for us so we thought we’d extend that treat to you since we like you guys a whole lot. Well, this treat includes delightful drinks, delicious dishes, & yes, delectable desserts…do you know what alliteration is? If you don’t, wiki it because I just nailed it! Speaking of nailing it, there is a new restaurant that is doing the same & it is called Frame 128, located in sunny Glendale, California. Frame 128 is walking distance from the popular Glendale Galleria in a, yes, dare I say it, ‘cute’ area. Trust me, I use that word sparingly, but it’s true in this case. The area is full of brick buildings & gives off a small town community feel, hence the ‘cute.’ Well, in those brick buildings you’ll find precious gin cocktails, kicky prosciutto pizza, taste-bud-gasping bread pudding, & plain old ingenuity. The mastermind behind all the delicious? My new best friend Kareem Shah. A nice guy w/ great tasting food = the best friend I could ask for. All this aside, the menu was truly phenomenal. As stuffed as I was towards the end of the meal, every time a new dish appeared, I couldn’t help myself. Did I mention that this restaurant serves in restaurant, oh yeah, and also on clouds in a movie theatre. When I say clouds, I mean the comfiest chairs in the world (I knew you guys could figure out my analogies!). Let’s cut down to brass tax, eat here & drink here then grab a serving of F-bombs at the Wolf of Wall Street. Thanks Frame 128, we will be back soon. 

Value: 4.1

Service: 4.7

Quality of Food: 4.8

Drink Selection: 4.6

Atmosphere: 4.5

Hearsay|LA: 4.6

The Pie Hole

Hey guys! We missed you! We hope you don’t mind but we decided to take a little bit of a hiatus over the holidays to spend extra time w/ our families & do some other BS and so on and so forth. But its 2014 now & boy we’re downright starving for some new tastes & experiences. Before I get off my holiday filibuster, let me get the cliché holiday wish out of the way…from all of us here at Hearsay|LA, we sincerely hope you had an excellent holiday! Here is to another great year! Now let me shut my Pie Hole & get on to what matters - see what I did there? The Pie Hole in DTLA’s Arts District is grade A, phenomenal. My first thought was that pie is hard to get wrong. I was pretty sure its always good. Well, at the Pie Hole, they got it right, it sure was good…but there was something that brought it to another level. Oh, that’s right…the taste. Holy toledo, you guys, this isn’t Marie Calendars or, God help me, Coco’s. This is Pie Hole & I filled mine full. I shared a slice of maple custard & another of the classic apple pie. I’m not sure what else you’d like me to say, but the duo along w/ a doppio espresso made my happy turn into ‘delectation’..mhmm, indeed. Anyway, if you want pie, I mean ‘delectation,’ then do yourself a solid & start this year off with a slice.

Value: 3.8

Service: 4.5

Quality of Food: 4.3

Drink Selection: 4.0

Atmosphere: 4.1

Hearsay|LA: 4.1

CincoLA #HearsayRepeat

So we wanted to experiment with an idea. There are so many variables when it comes to an eating experience and our remembrance of said experience is based upon our enjoyment. Well, is it possible that two different experiences at the same restaurant will prove the same? Alright, enough of my philosophical bullshit - here is the plan: We decided to revisit a restaurant without looking at the past review we’ve done and then proceed to review it again. Well, ladies and gentlemen, the chosen specimen was CincoLA - an incredible, vibey tapas style restaurant straddling the border of Westchester & Playa Del Rey. I don’t know if Stone Ruination IPA is the best pair for spicy Mexican food for most, (Bohemia Cervesa is my recommendation), but I don’t have a typical palate and I believe anything goes well w/ bitterness & hoppyness. “Hoppyness”, eh? Coined by Hearsay. #™. The food was tangy, kicky and sure satisfied. Mahi tacos, cheesy enchiladas and something called Memelas? (I had to google this) But NICE! So authentic! All else aside, I’ve yet to have something I haven’t enjoyed at this fine, obviously authentic eatery. For your sake, please try it.

Value: 4.0
Service: 3.8
Quality of Food: 4.2
Drink Selection: 4.8
Atmosphere: 4.5
Hearsay|LA: 4.2
Now for the interesting part?…bare with me
10 weeks ago, Instagram is telling me I gave a 4.0. Alright, relatively similar. Hmm, this was admittedly anticlimactic, thanks for flattering me.

Diddy Riese

Celebrating their 30th year of delicious, Diddy Riese is quite the staple in the UCLA neighborhood of Westwood. Being the only location worldwide, it is no wonder why the line reaches the end of the block! But trust us, once you approach that door, the alluring aroma of freshly baked cookies makes it well worth the wait. We had the chance to sit down with the owner, Mark Perry, and found some insights into their upcoming plans, “We may wish to expand but would only start just a few stores. That way we would ensure we still have what has made us successful for over 30 years - a commitment to quality, consistency and an affordable price.” More cookies, Mark? We definitely like that idea. For the time being you can still get these cookies anywhere you’d like as they ship the fresh goodness anywhere in the states. Holiday gifts to Hearsay? Hint hint? Oh, you shouldn’t have. But what I really care about is the ice cream sandwich that is staring back at you below this post. I had the classic chocolate chip w/ vanilla ice cream and boy, the cliche ” You can’t beat the classics” is in full motion here. I think their secret isn’t much of a secret - handmade, freshly baked cookies will always get to me. Guilty as charged.

Value: 4.7

Service: 4.6

Quality of Food: 4.8

Drink Selection: n/a

Atmosphere: 4

Hearsay|LA: 4.5

Cafe Gratitude

Cafe Gratitude is a vegan, raw restaurant located in a very popular part of Venice on Rose Avenue. Nestled in an old residential neighborhood with many other healthy restaurants and little clothing shops Cafe Gratitude is the perfect restaurant for any healthy eater. It’s a beautiful, well decorated restaurant with an open, airy feel. There is lots of window space and a large fenced outdoor patio area.  Our waiters were extremely friendly and the service was quick. Each menu item has a unique name, I ordered the “Terrific” which is kelp noodles tossed with basil pesto, I was a little scared at first but it was amazing! My friend ordered the “Humble,” a lentil, spinach, and brown rice bowl which was incredible as well. 
Cafe Gratitude may not seem appealing to many of you meat lovers out there but its worth a shoot. Despite being strictly vegan i think anyone could find something they love on the menu here. The dishes are delicious and I feel good knowing what I am eating is actually healthy. It truly proves that vegan and healthy food does not have to taste awful or boring. This restaurant has become one of my favorites and I wish the prices were not so steep or else you would find me there every weekend. 

Value: 3.5

Service: 4.8

Quality of Food: 4.8

Drink Selection: 4.5

Atmosphere: 5

Hearsay|LA: 4.8

Uncle Bill’s Pancake House

Uncle Bill’s Pancake House is located in the heart of Manhattan Beach. It is a cute little restaurant built in an old house with outdoor patio seating. It is the perfect place to get breakfast any day of the week. I went this weekend with my friends, thank to Jackie Linnert’s request, and I loved it! The prices are reasonable and they have every breakfast item you could ever want. We ordered a variety of breakfast foods and everyone tried each other’s. They also offer a good variety of beverages and juices, and the service was extremely friendly. Next time you want to go to a delicious breakfast not too far from LMU, make the trip over the Uncle Bill’s and you will not regret it! 

Value: 4.5

Service: 4.0

Quality of Food: 4.5

Drink Selection: 3.8

Atmosphere: 4.3

Hearsay|LA: 4.2